Attention Class of 2018 graduating seniors!

Your Google Apps for Education account made by the school district will be closed and removed starting on July 27th.

Please be very aware of this date and what you need to do if you wish to save any email, documents, or other work you may have saved in your Google Apps for Education account.  

If you are using your school account to communicate with colleges or other institutions, be sure to let them know another email address ahead of time, so you don't lose important communications.  Be proactive by ensuring that college offices and other post-HS entities have your permanent personal email account.

Any work that you do not choose to save will be irrevocably lost after July 27th.  We cannot make exceptions to this, and we cannot retrieve any accounts or work after this date.  It is solely your responsibility to determine if you wish to keep any work from your school account, and to export it before July 27th.

Google Takeout is a way you can save the entire contents of your Google Apps account, or just the parts of your account that you want to keep.  You can export a copy of your work and import it into a personal Google account. 

We recommend you use this on or near the last day of classwork.  You may instead choose to manually export individual documents from your Drive, if you wish.  However, do NOT share documents with your personal account as the shared link would no longer work after July 27th.  Be sure to move or export your work, not share.

We will send this message via email multiple times up until July 27th.

If you have questions regarding this deadline, or with Google Takeout, please confer with the LVHS Chrome Depot.


Thank you.


Mr. Brown

Director of Technology​