This document was updated for the 2016-2017 school year.  Please direct all questions to the Business Office.

If you are looking for insurance forms, you can find them on the Insurance Forms page.

Fremont County School District #1 provides a comprehensive inventory of benefits for employees working 30 hours or more per week.  These benefits include:

Medical & Dental Insurance

The District participates in the Wyoming Educators’ Benefit Trust with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming being the provider of the medical, pharmacy, and dental insurance.   There are three medical plans to choose from.

  • Single Coverage:  The District pays 100% of the premium for single coverage for each plan
  • Family Coverage:  Family coverage may be purchased by the employee.  Premium is dependent on chosen plan.

Websites: ,

Phone: Insurance Support Willis  (800) 640-4459


Vision Insurance

Carrier: Vision Service Plan

Single coverage is provided by the District as part of your benefit package. 
Family coverage is available with the premium being a payroll deduction.

Note: You will not receive an insurance card for your vision coverage.  Let your provider know you participate with VSP through Fremont #1.



Term Life Insurance

Carrier: Lincoln Financial Group

$50,000 term life policy with no cash value 
$5,000 Spouse policy
$2,500 Each Child age 6 months but less than 19 years
$250 Over 14 days but less than 6 months


Supplemental Life Insurance

In addition to the employer-provided life insurance policy, employees may choose to purchase additional life insurance on themselves, a spouse, or dependent child.  The appropriate paperwork must be completed within 30 days of hire.  The premium will be paid through payroll deduction each month.



The district pays 16.62% of an employee’s gross pay into her/his Wyoming Retirement System account each month.  That amount is both the employer and the employee portion, totaling the maximum contribution permitted by Wyoming Retirement System.



Wyoming Retirement System 457 Deferred Compensation Plan

Wyoming's deferred compensation (457) Plan was established for the benefit of Wyoming's public employees. It is a supplemental, tax-deferred retirement savings plan authorized by IRS code 457. The plan benefits public employees by allowing them to voluntarily defer a portion of compensation into tax-deferred investments in order to build personal retirement savings.



Annuities and other Tax-Sheltered 403b Plans:

The following annuity and mutual fund companies are setup with the District, and an employee can begin a payroll deduction at any time to invest in an annuity or mutual fund as part of a tax-shelter:

Aviva, American Funds, Equitable, ING, Horace Mann, Franklin Templeton, Lord Abbott, Met Life, New York Life, Putnam, Variable, Vanguard


Optional Voluntary Insurance

Employees have the option of purchasing the following policies with the premiums being paid as a payroll deduction:

  • Wyoming NCPERS – additional group decreasing term life insurance policy


Flexible Spending Account-Section 125 Cafeteria Plan

You may establish a flexible spending account to receive tax savings on your and your dependents’ out-of-pocket medical, dental, vision, and prescription expenses or dependent day care expenses by setting up a pretax payroll deduction.

Click here to view information about the FSA Store.


Social Security and Medicare Tax:

Social Security and Medicare taxes are mandatory payroll taxes which are split between employee and employer percentages as follows:

Social Security on wages earned up to $117,100:
   – Employee tax rate: 6.2% of wages
   – Fremont Co SD #1 tax rate: 6.2% of wages

Medicare Tax on all wages earned:
   – The employee and Fremont SD #1 each have a tax rate of 1.45% of wages


Leave Time

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Payroll Information

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