Welcome to the substitute teaching staff of Fremont County School District #1.  The principals, central administration, classroom teachers, and secretarial staff are willing and eager to assist you in making your assignments in our schools successful.  You have been selected for the substitute staff because you are a fully qualified substitute teacher with either a Wyoming teaching certificate or substitute permit.  As a substitute teacher, you are a vital part of the educational system in our district.

We appreciate your interest and enthusiasm in substituting in Fremont County School District #1 and extend our thanks and best wishes as you join our staff.


General Information

For more information about substitute teaching, including how to apply, please contact the Central Administration office at 863 Sweetwater.

All potential substitutes are fingerprinted and are given a background check.


Using the Aesop Substitute Manager

Fremont #1 uses an automated substitute placement and absence management system.  Aesop takes the hassle out of sub placement and absences and creates a process that is not only efficient, but also easy for everyone to use.

With Aesop, substitutes are offered both web- and phone-based substitute placement and absence management.  After teachers register absences, substitutes can search for and accept jobs at any time.  Schools no longer need to schedule time for their office staff to manually call subs from lists.

ALL substitute placements and scheduling is done through Aesop.  Potential substitutes will need to be able to access etiher a phone (toll-free call to Aesop or accept incoming calls from Aesop) or access to the Internet (via a computer or smartphone) to interact with Aesop.


Substitute Handbook

The handbook is designed to convey the District’s expectations to you, answer questions you may have, and assist you with problems that may present themselves in the course of the school year.  Other specific materials may be available at individual schools when you report for work.

The Substitute Handbook is available as a PDF that you can save and/or print.  It is currently posted on the District Staff Share — you will need your substitute account to access.  Click here to access the Substitute Handbook.


Substitute Assignments

To obtain an assignment, a substitute must monitor the Aesop website, which is linked from the district website (www.landerschools.org).  On this website, all substitute assignments are listed.  When a substitute finds an assignment for which s/he is qualified, then s/he indicates that, and the assignment has then been made.


Substitute Compensation

Currently, substitute compensation is:
                $120.00 per day if sub holds a current sub permit
                $130.00 per day if sub holds a current teaching permit

Long term subs:
                Days 1-10  = Sub rate as outlined above
                Day 11 onward = daily rate of first step on the salary schedule

Paraprofessional substitutes are paid 15 cents less than Step One of the salary schedule column of the position for which they are subbing.

Substitutes who work a half-day will be paid half their daily rate.  A normal day for substitutes includes teaching hours, planning time (at home and at school), traveling time, and time spent performing other duties assigned by the principal.  No more than the rate stipulated above will be paid for any one day.

A full-day is defined as the following:

  • Elementary:   A morning assignment which commences at the beginning of the school day and extends through the lunch period, or an afternoon assignment which commences prior to the lunch period and extends until the end of the school day.
  • Secondary Schools:  More than half of the periods that are in the school day.

NOTE:  If a substitute is paid for a full-day, the substitute must be at the school the full day.  If not needed to teach a full day, the substitute should report to the office for other work.

For any assignment less than the above, the substitute will be paid at the half-day rate and must remain at the school for the half-day.


Long-Term Assignments

When a long-term assignment occurs, the principal and teacher will review the substitute list and select the person s/he feels will best fit the assignment.


Safety and Emergency Situations

It is imperative that you know what to do in emergency situations.  As a result, make certain that you check the emergency procedures that are left for you by the teachers for whom you will work.  If you have any questions about the procedures, especially for evacuation and lockdown procedures, please contact the principal or the administrative assistant.


Network and Computer Access

In most situations, substitutes are expected to access materials and resources on the District computer network.  

District network accounts are made for all substitutes.  For privacy and security reasons, all communications between substitutes and teachers (as well as communications from applications such as Aesop) are done through district email.  Teachers may also share documents with substitutes via their sub account.