Lander Middle School is a new and modern educational facility that educates students in grades 6-8.  Construction on our facility was completed in the fall of 2011.

We exist to educate all students academically, emotionally and physically in a nurturing and challenging environment to prepare them for a successful future.  We value clear goals and high expectations for student achievement which guide a relevant, challenging, integrative and exploratory curriculum. We value flexible delivery of essential curriculum to meet the varying developmental needs of our student population. We value mutual respect and responsible behavior from all members of the school community. We value nurturing a positive attitude toward learning. We value an inviting, supportive and safe environment for all members of the school community.


Our Collective Commitments

1. Create focus on learning: We will develop curriculum and instructional strategies that utilize various resources which will promote active involvement of students, provide for their varied experiences, as well as individual abilities and talents.

2.  Build, support and nurture a culture of collaboration: We will work as a collegial community, share in strengths and weaknesses while acting in a professional manner with integrity and honesty and will develop relationships characterized by caring and respect.

3.  At LMS we will continue to seek creative ways to celebrate each other, this includes students and staff.

4.  Clear on what students must learn: We will provide a challenging, rigorous, and developmentally appropriate curriculum, which addresses individual student needs, is focused on academic growth, and is based on best practice and current research.

4.  Constantly measuring student effectiveness: We will monitor student learning and growth through continuing assessments, which allow students multiple ways of demonstrating mastery, are meaningful, and just.  We will use assessment information not only to monitor students growth but also to guide our instruction and to inform parents.  

5.  We will regard ALL students as OUR students.

6.  Response to Student Learning: We will share resources, communicate knowledge, provide strategies and monitor progress on a regular basis in order to positively impact student achievement.


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