Fremont #1 School Board 02-2019

Fremont County School District #1 has seven elected board members.  The board represents all the citizens of the school district and strives to provide an excellent education for all students.  The board is a governmental body and can take action only by a majority vote at a public meeting. 

Regularly scheduled board meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month at 6pm unless otherwise posted, and the first Friday of each month (at 7am unless otherwise posted).  Meeting dates are also found on the District Events Calender.  Our meetings are open to the public and held at the District Office, 863 Sweetwater in Lander (unless stated otherwise in the agenda).


Board members
Get a list of current School Board members and their contact information.

District Policy Manual
District approved policies are now hosted in our BoardDocs online subscription.  You can view, search, and print policies. Click on the icon, then click on the Policies tab to start searching.

Operating Principles
Adopted December 2015, these statements of operating principles guide the School Board in its decision-making and collaboration with each other, District staff, and the community.

Resource Allocation
Guidance for resource allocation in the District is provided by the District’s Strategic Plan, outlining the priority areas of work for the foreseeable future and providing measures to gauge progress.

Board Minutes Archive
Minutes from past School Board meetings are posted on our website as soon as they are officially approved by the School Board.

School Board Protocol
Information about meetings, executive sessions, how the public can address the Board during a meeting, and your rights to know.

A Commitment to Excellence

The Fremont County School District Number One Board of Trustees has developed a number of values that are imperative for guiding the work of all students, staff, teachers, and administrators:

  • We expect high performance
  • We require accountability
  • We expect disciplined, civil behavior
  • We provide an expansive curriculum that is both classic and forward thinking
  • We make decisions based on results

To achieve these values we, the Board of Trustees pledge:

  • To ensure EVERY child in the District learns in a safe, respectful, and caring environment where she/he is treated as an important and valuable person,
  • To ensure EVERY child in the District increases their academic excellence while closing   the achievement gap among all students,
  • To ensure EVERY child in the District is prepared to successfully participate in post-secondary education,
  • To ensure EVERY child in the District learns from highly trained, highly motivated teachers, staff, and administrators,
  • To ensure EVERY child in the District learns in a clean and healthy school environment, and
  • To insure EVERY child in the District is provided a wide variety of extra-curricular activities to broaden their educational experience.