What are urgent communications?

The District uses a third-party automated phone service that connects through our Parent Portal interface.  In an emergency, authorized District personnel can immediately communicate factual, timely information to parents and guardians.  

We define urgent communications as a stituation regarding the immediate contact of parents, guardians, and the community.  Such situations may include:

  • School closure: We will use ICampus Messenger to send out a voice call, text (for phones that have texting) and an email.
  • Security issue: Such information may include the notification of a lockdown or incident, places where students can be picked up, and any other vital information.
  • Other unforeseen issues: Situations may occur — for instance in-town flooding — that might require an urgent communication.

Messages are written and recorded by authorized school personnel (principal or designate, superintendent, school resource officer).  You may hear their voices, or you may here an automated voice when you receive a call.  Calls from ICampus Messenger begin with: "This is a message from Fremont County School District #1"

We will also immediately post on Facebook and Twitter the contents of the urgent message.  During our last two weather-related closures, we had the message posted in both places within five minutes of phone calls and texts going out.

We also contact local radio stations and County10.





How can I help?

The MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do to help with urgent communications is to ensure that your phone number(s) are updated with the District.

You can check your phone numbers from the Parent Portal, or confer with your building's office staff.

Also, when you register your student this spring or summer, you will be asked to confirm your contact information (phone number, mobile type, texting, and email address).