Fremont #1 on Social Media

Fremont #1 has a strong and growing presence on social media!  We encourage you to use these resources to better keep up with your schools, your teachers, and your students!


Using Twitter

Our feed:

We encourage our activity groups, athletic teams, schools, and departments to share with the community via Twitter.  We aleady have a LOT of staff and departments tweeting things like sports scores, photos, congratulations, and announcements.  

If you have a Twitter account: The best user to follow is @LanderSchools, that way you won't miss any of the awesome things happening in Fremont #1

If you don't have a Twitter account: No problem!  You can still easily follow everyone by reading the Twitter stream on the home page of our website.  You can also view school web pages and see their Twitter posts as well.

If you want to share with us, you can use the #LanderSchools hashtag and we will retweet the best submissions for everyone else to see!


Using Facebook

Our page: 

We use Facebook to share photos, short "what's happening" posts, and updates from activity groups, field trips, and special events in our schools.  We try to post several articles a week.  Many posts are replicated on our website, but not all.

We also will share posts from other outside groups, such as County10 News, that directly relate to our schools and students.

However, unless it's an urgent situation such as a school closing, we won't place announcements or other business-related posts on Facebook.