District Strategic Plan

Fremont County School District #1 strives for student excellence and continuous improvement.

The District’s 2014-2017 Three-Year Plan focuses on the following elements:

  • Preparing students to be successful for the next grade-level or post-secondary school life
  • Ensuring safety and security procedures are in place and known by employees and students
  • Providing educational opportunities for parents to help them support student education
  • Motivating students to be in school and succeed

Please direct questions regarding this document to either the Curriculum Office or the Main Office.

District Strategic PlanDistrict Strategic Plan
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Resource Allocation document

The overarching guidance for resource allocation in the District is provided by the District’s Strategic Plan developed and adopted by the Board of Trustees. This document outlines the priority areas of work for the foreseeable future as well as provides the concrete measures by which progress will be gauged.

Resource Allocation documentResource Allocation document
Document is in Adobe PDF format


Please direct questions regarding our Resource Allocation document to the Main Office.