Students who elect to participate on any athletic team or in any Wyoming High School Activities Association extra-curricular activity will not use, possess, transfer, or disperse any tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, controlled substances, or other substances banned by the School District.  Students will not confiscate (steal), destroy or vandalize private or public property or otherwise engage in criminal misconduct.  This will include, but not be limited to, theft, shoplifting, breaking and entering, vandalism, and/or any other behaviors that would diminish the integrity of the community, school, team or individual as determined in the sole discretion of the Athletic Director. 

In the event that there is a possible Code of Conduct violation, an administrator will attempt to notify a parent prior to questioning the student.  If the parent cannot be contacted or does not respond, the administrator may proceed with the investigation.  Failure to cooperate with the administration in an investigation may result in suspension from the activity until the investigation is resolved. 

Students covered by the Code of Conduct who violate municipal, state, or federal codes (excluding minor traffic violations) will also be deemed to be in violation of the Code of Conduct and be subject to its consequences as set forth herein.

It is further understood that local law enforcement will be notified when school personnel confiscate alcohol products, controlled substances, tobacco products, or suspected stolen merchandise.  The penalty administered by the justice system may be different from and in addition to the school board policies.  In addition, should the violation occur on school grounds or at school activities and thereby be subject to the policies and rules of conduct of Fremont County School District No. 1 applicable to all students, the consequences set forth herein may be administered in addition to any other discipline (i.e., suspension or expulsion) administered by school administration.  


Party Rule

Participants are expected to avoid situations/gatherings where illegal substances (alcohol, drugs, tobacco) are being used by underage youth or illegal or otherwise inappropriate behavior is occurring.  Participants are expected to take actions to avoid situations where illegal substances are present or illegal or otherwise inappropriate behavior is occurring. 

Actions should include: 

  • Inquiring about the situation/gathering prior to attending
  • Taking action to leave the situation/gathering if illegal substances are present or attendees are engaged in illegal or otherwise inappropriate behavior. 

Failure to take appropriate steps to avoid these types of situations will result in a code violation. 


Non-Athletic Extra-Curricular Activities Sanctioned by the Wyoming High School Activities Association

Students who elect to participate in non-athletic extra-curricular activities sponsored by the Wyoming High School Activities Association shall be subject to the terms and conditions of this Code of Conduct.  However, the consequences/penalties for violation of this Code of Conduct for those students shall be determined by the coach/sponsor for that activity.  Because the activities vary significantly in the nature of the activity and/or contest, the consequences will also vary from activity to activity.  Any student participating in these activities should become familiar with the consequences as determined by the coach/sponsor and may acquire a copy of those consequences from the coach/sponsor. 



Students who voluntarily elect to participate in athletic competitions sponsored by the Wyoming High School Activities Association shall be subject to the following consequences for violating the terms of this FCSD#1 Code of Conduct. 



Code violations are accumulative for a student’s high school career. 

Suspensions will carry over from season to season and year to year (Example: A student violates the Code of Conduct as a first offense while playing football but there is only 10% of the regular season contests remaining.  If the student does not participate in any other activities that year, he/she will be suspended from 20% of the regular season football competitions the next year.  If the student participates in another activity in the same school year, i.e., basketball, track, etc., the student would then be suspended from 20% of the regular season competition in the next athletic activity in which the student participates.  If a student elects to go out for an activity which results in the completion of a suspension imposed during a prior activity, the student must participate in the activity for the entire season for the suspension to be deemed to have been served). 

Two violations in a single sport season will result in the student being dismissed from the team.  

Coaches, the Activities Director, and/or Building Principals have the discretion to impose the penalties set forth below. 

First Offense
Suspension from 30% of regular season competition.  The student must complete a drug and alcohol screening by a registered counselor at the student’s/parent’s expense if the suspension results from the student’s use, possession, or distribution of drugs and/or alcohol.  The student must verify completion of the screening and that he/she is following the counselor’s recommendations before competition status is restored.

Second Offense
Suspension from 60% of regular season competition.  The student must complete a professionally administered drug/alcohol evaluation at the student’s/parent’s expense if the suspension results from the student’s use, possession, or distribution of drugs and/or alcohol.  The student must verify completion of the evaluation and that he/she is following the counselor’s recommendations before completion status is restored.  However, should the second offense occur within a single sports season, the student will be dismissed from the team. 

Third Offense
Suspension from participation and competition in all activities covered by the Code for one (1) calendar year from the date of the infraction. 


The following represents the number of regular season contests allowed by WHSAA:

Football – 8
Volleyball – 18
Cross Country – 8
Golf – 6
Basketball – 20
Swimming – 16
Nordic Ski – 6
Wrestling – 15 (measured by the number of weigh-ins a competitor has)
Soccer – 14
Track – 8
Speech – 14
Cheerleading – equal to sport

The FCSD#1 Code of Conduct applies and shall be enforced throughout the entire calendar year, without regard to whether the conduct occurs at a time the student is actually participating in an activity, including the summer break.