Wyoming statute 21-3-132 was created last year to provide school districts the ability to adopt policy, rules and regulations to allow the possession of firearms on school property by employees possessing a valid concealed carry permit. 

Several requirements are built into the law and include:

  • An established application and approval process 
  • Requirement that the person carry the firearm on their person or in a biometric container within direct control of the individual at all times; 
  • Initial and ongoing training to include, AT A MINIMUM: 16 hours handgun training and 8 hours scenario training initially, and 12 hours additional training annually; 
  • An established process for revocation or suspension.

Current security at our district buildings includes:

  • Locked doors during the school day
  • Two SROs (School Resource Officers) for the district
  • ALICE active shooter training for some district employees.

The following survey will help the district and board of trustees in the discussion to determine a direction relating to this statute.

Thank you for your participation and opinion!