Next week, May 14 – 18, is National Bike to Work Week!

The District Wellness Committee once again encourages you to ride a bike to work!

Biking to Work document for staff

Form for mileage logging

Last year’s event was such a success that we’re adding new prizes and competitions.

Random Drawings will be held every day for all riders at all buildings, so even if you’re not into competing, you’ll always be eligible to win something. Anytime you ride your bike to work, shoot Brittany Cox a quick email and she will enter your name into the drawing.

(New!) Rookies (plural) of the Year — We’re super excited to announce that this year, anyone who rides a bicycle to work for the first time ever will automatically receive a gift card. If you’re nervous or just new to the idea of riding to work, I’ve put together this document for you. If you’ve never ridden to work, please consider it!

The Commuter Champion is awarded to the person who commutes the most miles by bike during the week. Some of us are at a disadvantage because we live close to our buildings. Tough luck! One winner per building.

The Mileage Champion is awarded to the person who rides the most overall miles during the week, including commuting and recreation. Remember that mountain biking counts. One winner per building.

(New!) The Building Team Award goes to the building with the highest percentage increase of total miles ridden over last year. We’ll have special prizes for the riders who make this happen. Also, any building with fewer miles than last year will be required to stay in school for an extra week.  Here are last year’s miles:

  • Gannett Peak: 90
  • Baldwin Creek: 48
  • Lander MS: 60
  • Pathfinder HS: 103
  • Lander Valley HS: 150

Central Admin / Bus Barn didn’t have any registered riders last year, so they’re ineligible for this prize until someone *cough* Dr. Barker *cough* rides at least once.

The Podium Champion is awarded to the district employee who rides the most overall miles. This person earns a $100 gift card to the local bike shop of their choice!


Pretty please with magic unicorn rainbow sprinkles on top, log your miles to within a half mile using this form. Completing it daily is better than waiting until the end of the week.


Thanks, and have fun!


The Wellness Committee