Fremont #1 offers all new and continuing employees a competitive salary and benefits package.

Also, Fremont #1 is one of only three school districts in Wyoming that pays 100% of Wyoming Retirement payments.


Salary Schedules for 2018-2019

The District salary schedules for the upcoming school year will be posted here when they are offically ratified by the Fremont #1 Board of Education.

Classified schedule (PDF)
Certified BA schedule (PDF)
Certified MA schedule (PDF)
Certified non-teaching schedule (PDF)
Clinical & Other schedule (PDF)
Extra Duty schedule for LMS (PDF)
Extra Duty schedule for LVHS (PDF)
Administrative schedule (PDF)

Paychecks are issued on the last banking day of each month. 

Certified staff have the option of having their contract paid over 10 equal payments (August through May) or 12 equal payments (August through July). 

Classified staff will submit a timesheet each month.  The Administrative Assistant in the school will issue the timesheet to be completed and returned to the supervisor on the 13th of each month.  The pay period is the 14th of one month to the 13th of the next month.

If you choose Direct Deposit, this can begin at any time.  The deposit will be made into your designated account the morning of payday (the last banking day of the month).


Leave Time and Information

Certified staff earn 12 undesignated leave days per contract year; this leave may be used for personal, vacation or sick leave.  At the end of the school year, any unused days will be carried over to the new school year as sick leave.  When a certified staff member has a balance in both undesignated leave and sick leave time, the undesignated leave days will be used before access to sick leave can be used.

Classified staff:  9/10 month employees get three days per school year. 12 month employees get seven days per fiscal year

Sick leave: Accrues one day per each month worked

Vacation leave: Starting on the employee's first day, earn one day per month worked through the first seven years of employment.  From seven through ten years, employees earn earn 1 ¼ days per month worked.  From ten or more years, earn 1 ½ days per month worked



Employees: Benefit forms and other information are now available on the Staff Services website, available to all staff from work or home.  These forms are no longer available on the public website.

Fremont County School District #1 provides a comprehensive inventory of benefits for employees working 30 hours or more per week. 

Summary of our insurance and benefits  (PDF format)