November has been all about Caring here at Baldwin Creek Elementary. This month Mrs. Barry's class put together a skit for the letter's to Meg video. I just finished working with this class on how to make our school a bully free school and the students had a wonderful idea on how to put the lessons into action.

It is a little hard to hear as we were in a hallway and filming with an iPad. In the beginning of this skit the students model "good" behavior for buying things from the school store. This was one area the class felt the whole school could improve on. Then we have a bullying situation where one student chooses to NOT be a bystander and reports the behavior to the teacher. (She knows the difference between tattling and reporting) The "bullies" are reminded by the teacher that we all took a pledge in the beginning of the year to be bully free. The students then stand together and remind ALL OF OUR BOBCATS TO NOT BE A BULLY! 

They did a fantastic job putting the lessons into action as well as showing how much they care about their school! Give it up for Mrs. Barry's 4th grade class! Thank you!

The question from Meg is: How have you shown you care this month?
Letters are due by: November 25

Thank you! Hope everyone has a fantastic day!


Mrs. Mitchell-Smith