Diana Olson from the Popo Agie Conservation District visited some of our 5th graders last week.  Our students learned about "Mysteries in the Soil" and what's under their feet!

75 students participated in a poster contest.  These winning posters will be displayed in the Popo Agie Conservation District window at PACD (221 S. 2nd Street, Lander) until May 5th. 

These winners received cash awards.  These posters will go on to the state level competition.  Winners at the state level go on to the national competition!  Winning posters had to utilize the theme words of “Dig Deeper”  or  “Dig Deeper – Mysteries In The Soil”.

 Here are the top winners and their posters.



(L-R:  1st place:  L'anza White, 2nd place:  Skyler Woodruff
and 3rd place:  Kaleb Simonson.


1st Place L'anza White


2nd Place Skyler Woodruff     

3rd Place Kaleb Simonson