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Healthy Aging:  Staying Healthy for Life

Our life expectancy continues to inch upwards. Will your later years be blessed by good health or marred by chronic disease and illness? What is essential for healthy aging?

Healthy aging requires:

  • Full engagement with life
  • Living with a purpose
  • Healthy lifestyle

How well you age lies less in your genes than in your actions.

  • Are you tobacco-free?
  • Do you eat a healthy diet?
  • Are you active?

Remember, it’s not too late to make changes. A study in the American Journal of Medicine focused on adults who adopted a healthier lifestyle during middle age. After four years, those who made four lifestyle changes (ate 5+ servings of vegetables/fruits, exercised at least 2.5 hours/week, did not use tobacco, and avoided obesity), had a 40 percent lower rate of death and 35 percent fewer cases of heart disease, compared to those to made less than four changes. 

Osteoporosis  (PDF)

Brain Awareness  (PDF)

Staying Healthy For Life  (PDF)