If you are thinking about trying to keep that fitness level going or have vowed to get into shape this school year, I want to share the fitness center option with you!  Above the gym in the LVHS Fieldhouse, there's a fitness center with a variety of exercise equipment from treadmills and elliptical to bikes and weight training machines.  

The school district makes the fitness center available to all staff from 5am to 7am Monday through Friday mornings.  It is also is available to staff after school from 3:30pm to 6:00pm.Monday through Thursday. The center is closed Friday afternoons because there are frequently sports events happening that evening.

Spouses, significant others and children are not allowed in the the fitness center due to insurance and liability reasons. If this ever changes I will let you know! The center is closed during school holidays.

In order to access the center in the mornings please use the the door for folks with disablities,  The green light will be flashing.  After school you usually have to go through the front doors and around unless you are lucky enough to catch someone coming out of the Fieldhouse so you can grab the door! 

There is a red notebook up on the bench by the door that will have all the waivers in it.  If you have filled one out in the past or think you might have, check the notebook.  I have blank ones there for you as well.  

The Wellness committee is discussing ways to better utilize this resource and also create more interest with challenges and competitions for those who want to participate.  Come join us!  It is free and even if you go to other gyms in town, you can always enhance your workout at the center!

The center will open for staff on Monday, August 17th!

For questions, please contact Sue Lee. x2611.