At the October meeting of the Fremont #1 School Board of Trustees, a discussion was raised regarding the installation of an artificial turf field at Lander Valley High School.

We are excited to share this potential project with the community and want to make sure questions are answered with correct information.  To address many of the questions we have heard, we have compiled a list of questions and answers regarding funding and other information about an articifial turf field. 



How will this be funded?

The money from this project would come from the Tiger Joint Powers Board.  This board was formed between the Board of Trustees of Fremont County School District #1 and the City of Lander for the purpose of developing the land that previously contained Lander Valley High School.  This fund sits on the financial statement of the School District as a blended component unit.  This means that the funds are sitting in a separate bank account and controlled outside of the School Board. The funds are there for the District's benefit, at such time as the District wants to use the money.


What is the cost of the turf installation?

Actual cost will be determined through a bid process. However, an estimate was obtained, putting the initial cost at just under $900,000. The bid process has the potential to lower the cost. Subsequent replacements of the turf would cost approximately 1/3 the initial cost.

Cost savings would include eliminating the following:

  • Labor cost to mow and stripe the field;
  • Watering the field;
  • Raising and Re-sodding the field (it is starting to sink near the track in several areas, creating a hazard).
  • After initial installation, the cost savings would more than offset the cost of replacing the turf at the end of its life cycle.


Why a turf field?

A turf field may benefit the students and taxpayers of Lander in many different ways. 

  • We anticipate a cost savings on a turf field versus the current field through less man hours, less maintenance costs and substantial savings on utilities. 
  • There is also the opportunity to bring revenue into the City of Lander by potentially hosting large state-wide soccer and/or football tournaments. 
  • There is an environmental benefit to switching to turf.  The School District currently waters the field with water treated from the City's water treatment plant.  The switch to turf could possibly save between 1,000,000 – 3,000,000 gallons of water per year. 
  • Studies have shown that turf can provide a much safer playing environment for our students.


Turf survey

If you would like to provide input on this subject, please go to the following link: