Hello!  We need your help!

As part of our new District Strategic Plan initiative, Fremont #1 is seeking feedback on our communications efforts and how we can better keep you informed in the future.  

Could you give a few minutes of your time to provide feedback on a brief survey?  Your answers will give us specific directions and strategies that we will use in the next year.  We want to make sure we're meeting a diverse range of needs with multiple methods of sharing information.  Your answers will let us know the best ways to target our efforts and outreach.

It's our goal to be the BEST school district in Wyoming, and communications with all our stakeholders are a big part of that!  

Thanks for your time!  The survey will be open through Friday March 6th.

Fremont #1 Communications Committee


For parents/guardians, students, and the community, please use this link:

For Fremont #1 staff, please use this link:


All results are anonymous, but you will be asked your role (staff, parent, student, etc) to help us understand your needs.