Hi everyone!

The Wellness Committee met last night and I wanted to share a couple items we discussed.

Some committee members shared a couple of free online sources that provide awesome "brain breaks" and movement exercises that you can use with your kids during the day as a way to take a break from the grind or release some pent up energy in a healthy way. A lot of you might already use these sources, but the committee wanted to make sure to give out the information so that those of you who don't use them can look into it if you'd like! These are appropriate for a range of ages, so you may need to explore to find the ones that will work for your classes. 

Go Noodle: www.gonoodle.com

Sign up for a free account to watch videos that you can sing and dance along to. I believe there are also yoga/relaxing videos as well. They range from a couple minutes to 15 minutes, so can be used for indoor recess as well.

Coach Calhoun: www.movetolearnms.org

Videos for different grade levels are listed under "For the Classroom". These videos are all about 5 minutes long and seem to be more aerobic style. There are a couple relaxation videos as well.

Again, these are just a couple suggestions for fun ways to get your students up and moving during the day. I know a lot of GPE teachers use Go Noodle and kids love it 🙂

Also, stay tuned for more information coming forward about this year's health fair. It will be on April 17th (PD day) but more details will be to come!