Mrs. Carlson, Mrs. Bryce, and Mrs. Faerber’s first graders walked to the Lander Middle School on Friday, October 5th to work with sixth graders during their science class. The first graders are learning about ecosystems and so are the sixth graders. First graders are learning the vocabulary of living and nonliving, while sixth graders are being taught the more scientific term of biotic and abiotic. During the visit, students observed the organisms in the aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. There were isopods, earthworms, a variety of grasses,  and guppies. The sixth graders shared their knowledge, but the first grade students also taught the sixth graders about what they have been learning at school by identifying the living and nonliving features in each ecosystem.

This proved to be a perfect way to spend the day and the teachers were able to evaluate the students’ knowledge by listening to the many conversations.