Any middle school students interested in participating in the science fair must complete the following items:

  • Form 1: Checklist for Adult Sponsor
  • Form 1A: Student Checklist
  • Research plan: will be completed at school
  • Form 1B: Approval form
  • One page Abstract: will be completed in language arts classes
  • Annotated Bibliography to document research
  • Journal: document observations while completing the experiment
  • Three ringed binder to put research, bibliography, and other documents in
  • Data is due on November 12th, so graphs/tables/charts can be created
  • Exhibit board: November 190-28, 2012: will put together at school


All Students will complete science fair projects to meet the 6th grade standards. Students who do not complete the above requirements for the competition will be given the opportunity to share their projects with students and the community.

We look forward to seeing some great science projects on November 29th!