Congratulations to the following LMS students who will move on to State in Laramie April 8th and 9th:


Papers-  Kathryn Wilmot: Dr.Paul Farmer, Grace Butler: Establishing the Wind River Reservation, and Lily Hitchcock: Grim Reaper on the Gridiron

Group Performance- Abby and Mia Copeland: Maasai Culture and Western Education, Brett Pettibone and Paysen Calvert: Boycott for Justice, and Anna Nielsen, Mya WHittaker, and Hannah Neuendorf: Miep Gies and Jews

Individual Performance- Elsi Sheridan: Chief Joseph

Individual Website- Teaghan Chesmore: Night Witches of WWII, Garrett Clifford: Operation Barbarossa, and Matthew Gray: Marquis de Lafayette and Brandywine

Group Websites- Rebecca Brough and Delaney Shanley: Candy Bombers and the Berlin Airlift, and Owen Firth and Bennett Hutchison: Upton Sinclair

Individual Exhibits- Theresa Bautz: War of the Roses, and Laura Dockery: Wyoming Range War

Group Exhibits- Sam Welsh and Ben Hamilton: Dunkirk, and Femke Erlandson and Aggie Brown: Queen of Diamonds

Individual Documentaries- Magda Escudero-Kane: The Clean Air Act

Group Documentaries- Delaney Sullivan and Annabelle Nachezel: The Future will be Feminine, Malorie Bender and Meesha Prine: Silver Spring Monkey Case, and Bo Mitchell and Ella Stanbury: Great Depression and New Deal


Students in documentary presentations


Students presenting in library


Students with display and judge