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Everything is Possible

I have recently made increasing communication with families and the community one of my professional goal for the school year!  PHS students and staff do so many great things throughout the year that focus on high levels of learning for all students and I recognize the need to share these things every way possible!!  So with that, one of the ways I will communicate this year is through a blog.  This is my first shot at blogging, so any and all feedback is appreciated!!

In addition to moving to our new location, we have gone through other changes this year that focus on learning!  One of these changes is incorporating "The 7 Mindsets" social and emotional learning curriculum into our school day for ALL students!  PHS received the Positive School Climate grant from the Wyoming Department of Education which allowed us to purchase the curriculum and training.  In August, Roberto Rivera came for two days and worked with students and staff regarding The 7 Mindsets.  The students have formed Student Voice Committees (SVC) which gives all students a voice regarding the culture of PHS, field trips, guest speakers, community service and activities/events.  Mrs. Harrison is teaching the students each week about The 7 Mindsets during CCRB!  Currently, students and staff have are learning about the mindset, "Everything is Possible"!

The Everything is Possible mindset provides an understanding that we are all capable of extraordinary lives. We learn that everything in existence was once just an idea, until someone believed it was possible and turned it into a reality. Embracing this fact allows one to envision a wonderful life, expect greatness, and effectively execute the process of making dreams come true.

Don't be a dream snatcher! Resist the urge to give your children reality checks, no matter what their dreams are. Dreams are precious, and represent the hopes and expectations we have for our lives. So every dream and positive vision of the future that your children have should be encouraged. Their dreams will inevitably change, but what matters is that they're dreaming and believing. Constantly push your children to dream bigger, and never be the doubter or pessimist.

We are challenging students to dream big and set goals!  We encourage you to engage in conversations with your child about their dreams, goals and obstacles they face!  If you would like to attend a lesson, contact myself or Mrs. Harrison and we will make it possible!

Parent / Teacher Conferences are Tuesday, Oct. 23 from 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm.  Dr. Woolwine will not be present however when he returns, if you would like a phone call or meeting, we will set that up!


Ceatriss Wall, PHS Principal