In 2010, the Fremont County School District #1 Board of Education developed a document called the “Resource Allocation Model” to help guide use of fiscal and human resources in the District.  The Board considered several changes to the document at its monthly work session that will implement new state regulations and will help clarify the intent of the plan.  One of the current guidelines states that the target class size for K-3 classes will be no more than 18; however, recent legislation requires that the average class size in a school district for K-3 not exceed 16.  Wording in the Model will be changed to reflect that requirement.  The Model also currently requires the District’s annual budget to be balanced.  The Board is changing the wording to say that the budget will be fiscally responsible and allow the District to maintain a cash reserve of no less than 10% of its annual general fund revenue.  The Board also provided the administration with clarification on several other sections of the Model.  The Board will receive final suggestions to the Model at its June 19 meeting.

The Board also continued work on a set of “Operating Principles.”  The principles include the areas of Educational Advocacy; Leadership; Communication; Responding to Concerns; Board Meeting Format; and Planning, Goal-Setting, Accountability.  The Board will finalize the principles and adopt them at the June 19 meeting.