Dear Fremont County School District #1 Stakeholders,

As I close out my career in Fremont 1, I would like to express appreciation for the support that the various groups of stakeholders have provided the education of our students.  Many parents have been actively involved in their children’s education, whether it be volunteering in classrooms or simply making sure that their children get their homework done each evening.  Community members have supported our students through actions such as serving as guest speakers in classrooms and buying items that are sold for fundraisers for various school groups.  Of course, our teachers, administrators, and other staff members all dedicate their time and energy each day to meet the needs of our students and to provide them the best education that they can.

The Board of Trustees has appointed Dr. Kathy Hitt to serve as interim superintendent for the 2014-15 school year.  Dr. Hitt previously served as interim superintendent in 2010-11, and she served as principal of Pathfinder High School for eight years.  The Trustees will advertise for the superintendent’s position next winter.

There will be several other changes in leadership in Fremont 1 in 2014-15 in addition to Dr. Hitt’s becoming superintendent.  Ken Nielsen will move from the position of Director of Student Services to the position of Director of Curriculum and Student Assessment.  Replacing Mr. Nielsen will be Lander native Michael Harris.  Mr. Harris is currently serving as Director of Special Education in Hot Springs County School District #1 (Thermopolis).  Julie Shanley is replacing Brian Janish, who is retiring, as principal of Lander Middle School.  Mrs. Shanley is moving to Lander from the Denver Public Schools where she serves as assistant principal of Henry World Middle School.  Kate Roberts, who worked as half-time Pathfinder High School principal and half-time assistant Lander Middle School principal in 2013-14, will move back to LMS as full-time assistant principal.  Jannette Van Patten, who has been counselor at PHS the last three years will be half-time principal and half-time counselor in 2014-15.  Doug Hughes, who has been LVHS librarian, head football coach, and assistant track coach, will assume the duties of district Activities Director.

Fremont 1 is in good hands, and the educational process and opportunities will continue to improve.




Mike Bowman
Superintendent of Schools