Updated 04-24: Thanks for the great response!  We have sold out of these computers.  They may be an additional sale later in the summer!



For a PDF flyer with this information, click: ExcessTechGiveaway_04-2015

The District has surplus computers and monitors that we are offering to District parents and students.  These machines were used for several years at Baldwin Creek and Lander Middle School.  Although they are older computers, they can still serve as adequate home machines for Internet access, email, educational software and websites, and basic productivity. 


Computer Details

Surplus_04-2015We are offering up to 44 surplus Dell Latitude 6400 laptop computers.  Each computer will have a power supply box as well as an external docking station (for easily connecting additional components like an external monitor, additional USB, and audio).

Computers have both wired and wireless network capability so they can be connected to existing Internet connectivity in your home (cable, DSL, etc). 

Any additional hardware or software needs, as well as any Internet connectivity, are solely the responsibility of the household.

A short instruction packet will be provided that gives a basic overview of the software that’s installed on it.  Beyond that instruction sheet, the District will not provide any maintenance, support, configuration, or troubleshooting on any hardware received.  No warranty is provided by the manufacturer.

Computers will be delivered with Ubuntu Linux installed and ready to use.  Ubuntu is a modern OS (operating system) that is freely available to anyone, is very powerful, and is secure.  With Ubuntu, you can use either the Firefox or Chrome web browsers to access Internet websites, check email, and follow your student’s progress.  Ubuntu also offers an App Store where you can add free educational software, games, and other software with a single click.

A $40.00 processing fee for each computer is required.  The interest form and the $40.00 fee are to be submitted to the District Technology Office at 400 Baldwin Creek Road. 


I’m interested.  What do I need to do?

Email Surplus@landerschools.org , telling us your name and the total number of computers you want.  You will receive an email back with a confirmation that the number of machines is available.  Emails will be processed on a first-come first-served basis and will be accepted as long as we have machines available.

The reply email will contain pickup times.  There will be NO exceptions made to pickup times, if you cannot make the pickup time then your machine(s) will be offered to the waiting list.

Machines will be available for pickup starting on Monday April 27th at 3pm through 4:30pm.  An additional pickup day will be Tuesday the 28th from 2:30 through 4:30pm.  Pickup location will be at the Central Administration building at 400 Baldwin Creek Road, right inside the main door.  Payment must be made before pickup, so bring cash or checks made out to “Fremont County School District #1”.  A receipt will be provided for all purchases.



Are these computers any good?
For the District, these computers are at the end of their useful life.  However, for some uses they may still function adequately for several years.  In situations such as general Internet access, checking email, running educational software, basic photo editing, and doing basic productivity work, these computers are still useful.  For more advanced needs, such as gaming and graphics work, you may consider purchasing a more modern computer from a vendor.

Some laptop batteries may no longer hold a full charge, due to age.  Patrons may choose to purchase a replacement battery from a vendor.

Why Ubuntu Linux instead of Windows?
Ubuntu is a more modern and more secure OS alternative than Windows Vista, whose support and updates from Microsoft have ended.  In this age of “the cloud” and Internet-based software like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Mail, the actual client you use is not as important as the web browser you use.  Ubuntu includes Mozilla Firefox, one of the “top three” premiere browsers, and you can choose to install Google Chrome as well.  Also, Ubuntu is consistently faster than Windows on the same hardware to start and operate.

Will I have difficulty learning Ubuntu?
Websites and applications like Facebook and Google operate exactly the same on Ubuntu or Windows, as they run in a web browser and not on your computer.  Ubuntu is specifically designed for ease-of-use and low maintenance.  You can get an online demonstration of Ubuntu’s look and feel by visiting www.ubuntu.com/tour.

Can I get Windows installed instead?
Each computer has a Windows Vista license sticker on it (under the battery), and the Dell Vista DVDs that came with the unit will be provided.  What you choose to do with your computer after you take possession of it is up to you. 

What about Microsoft Office, or Office-like software?
Ubuntu provides LibreOffice, which is a free productivity software package that lets you open and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.  Also, District students in grades 3-12 can effortlessly use their district Google Apps for Education account to edit school documents within Firefox or Chrome.  Documents can then be easily retrieved from a school computer or Chromebook.

Is there any kind of a warranty?
There is no warranty or support at all from the District. No warranty is provided by the manufacturer.  The District cannot and will not provide any maintenance, support, configuration, or troubleshooting on any hardware received.  Also, when the machine is at the end of its useful life, disposal is solely the responsibility of the owner.

All equipment and supplies are sold or offered “as is” and “where is.” It is solely the responsibility of the buyer to determine equipment status, functionality, suitability, or fitness for a particular purpose prior to placing a bid or accepting use. Buyer should understand that equipment may be sold in a stripped condition, equipment may or may not have all components or accessories required to function (even if superficially the equipment seems intact), and may or may not function as expected. Due to copyright restrictions, patrons should not expect computers to have usable software installed on them. A power outlet can be provided for patrons wishing to test equipment, and power cords where available will be provided for purchased equipment. District staff cannot answer any pre-auction or post-auction questions regarding equipment usefulness, functionality, or suitability.