This week, three District people traveled to the first Schoology User Conference, held in Denver.

Schoology is an online cloud-based education-specific learning management system (LMS) that will manage coursework, homework submission, class discussions, and teacher resources in a single modern "dashboard" view for students to see at a glance their current messages and work.  Schoology works on any device – smartphone, tablet, Chromebook, Macintosh, and Windows – with a full rich interface and set of tools, and it also seamlessly integrates with our Google Apps for Education subscription.

Lander Valley HS is moving to a blended learning environment utilizing 1-to-1 computing (meaning that every student will have, or be issued, a mobile computer for use at school and at home).  Schoology will play a fundamental role in the success of our initiative.

  • Students will have a one-pane dashboard to ALL their learning – assignments, teacher comments, class resources, and discussions with other students.
  • Teachers can easily create assignments for their students, and post materials (such as documents, videos, Internet links, and photos) that students can easily access.  Teachers can also participate in discussions and one-on-one 
  • Teachers and other LVHS staff (such as Guidance counselors) can get an overview of the current courseload a student is carrying, and 

This was a GREAT conference and we learned a lot that will help lead us through a successful implementation!

You'll be hearing more in August about Schoology and its potential!

photo 4

The Schoology NEXT conference was held in Denver


photo 1

Getting ready for the initial keynote address


photo 3

Schoology Co-Founder and CEO Jeremy Friedman addresses attendees