Baldwin Creek teachers: Thanks for coming to the Wednesday WEO!  We put together some links and material below:

If you'd like to see our amazing presentation again (!), we posted it on our Tech Services site.  Go to Tech Services on the Links menu, or just click here:

Here's a list of all District staff that we know who tweet:

Some additional links to help get started

Touch on your SmartBoard Not Responding
If you are still having issues with touch not working in certain programs (mainly Chrome), just let us know via HelpSpot, or follow these quick instructions to resolve the issue yourself:

  • On the Start menu, go to the Control Panel and select "Programs and Features"
  • On the left side, select "Add or Remove Windows Components."  It may take a minute or so for the resulting box to populate.
  • Turn on "Tablet PC Components" and select OK.  Again, it may take a minute or so to complete.

You will need to restart either right away or at a convenient time, after the restart the touch in Chrome should work normally in all programs.

Google Tone – AWESOME extension to use with students
All students on Chromebooks have this extension automatically, and you have it too if you sign into your Chrome browser on your PC.  If you'd like to use this with your students, check out our brief tutorial at:

Links and Upcoming New Student Links page!
We put a link to IXL on the "K-5 Students" tab, and there's already a link to Follett Destiny there.  BTW,  in the next few weeks, we'll be introducing a very different visually-oriented Student Links page that will appear for all students on Chromebooks.  More on this soon!