Over the weekend, we have changed our wireless system at Lander Valley High School to only allow the N wireless standard, dropping the older G or B wireless standards.  

This change should not affect any District equipment, and should not affect any modern devices made within the last 2-3 years.  Older (3-4+ year old) devices may not have the hardware to support N.  In that case, they will not see anything being broadcast.

We switched to an N-only network to increase overall efficiency, speed, and connectivity.  Supporting the old standards slows down all connectivity on the radios, as wireless will only run as fast as the slowest broadcaster on the system.  By changing settings on our current system, we are trying to resolve our growth and speed issues at LVHS.

We are collecting usage data for the next few days as an N-only network, and then will bring forward a decision to remain N-only or to temporarily switch back to the old wireless band.

The wireless networks at Lander Middle School and at Gannett Peak Elementary are already N-only.


Students with issues can visit the LVHS Chrome Depot for more information.