We’re excited to unveil a "stealth project" we’ve been working on for the last six months.  We have totally rebuilt the back-end of our school district website, and we have redone all our content pages, images and themes!

Our goals in this project were to accomplish the following:

  • Use a modern “responsive” theme that adjusts in real time to any screen size.  Our previous website didn't support mobile well, and that was our top complaint about the website.  Now, when using a smaller-screen device, you'll see our pages "flow" and resize on the fly to match the screen size.
  • A much-streamlined top menu, showing only departments and schools and key content pages.  We still have a rich set of website pages (as of this article writing, over 150 content pages and over 400 news articles), they're just better organized.
  • More focus on social media content, showcasing district videos and photos that we share with parents and the community.  This was a common suggestion on improving our website as written in our 2014 Spring Tech survey to staff.
  • Finally, an integrated Search function.  Type in a keyword into the Search bar and a pop-up list of pages and posts with that word will appear.

We already had the best K-12 school district website in the state, and we intend to now be the best in the region!

Thanks for your continued support!


Chris Brown

Director of Technology