This was an exciting week for our connectivity to the Internet as well as for inter-building connectivity for most sites.  We had two ETS (state IT agency) engineers onsite to perform some equipment replacements and modifications as part of a massive update to the Wyoming Equality Network.

Some of the work we accomplished the week includes:

  • The District already had a 200 megabit connection out to the Internet that all schools share.  However, there were two pieces of older state network equipment that were inhibiting our taking full advantage of this bandwidth.  This older equipment was removed and our "big" router reconfigured to handle traffic directly.  Prior to Monday evening, an Internet speed test on our district connection would max out around 85-90 megabit.  After Monday's work, we're seeing consistent speed tests in the 180-190 megabit range, a 2x increase in throughput.
  • The connection from the core network to the Warehouse increased from 1.5 megabit to around 60 megabit, a very significant upgrade for these staff members.
  • An older network router at Lander Middle School was replaced.  This school has a 200 megabit fiber connection back to the core network, but the older router was limiting speeds to around 70 megabit.  We saw nearly a 3x improvement in late-night speed tests for traffic leaving LMS.  This should really improve overall Internet access at LMS!
  • We also replaced older state routers at the Starrett building and Pathfinder HS.  These sites may see a modest improvement in connectivity speeds.
  • We moved Gannett Peak Elementary fully onto their fiber connection back to the core.  There should be a doubling in connectivity speeds here as well (we went from 60-70 megabit to around 150-160 megabit).
  • A new district firewall security device was placed inline with our inbound traffic.  The new box replaces a 10-year old firewall and provides much faster processing and security.  This device needs to keep up with all the traffic from all devices going in and out of the district.

As good as these improvements are, we're expecting to see greater improvements as the year goes on.  The ETS state technology agency that manages the Wyoming Equality Network

We appreciated everyone's patience as this work was performed!