Jeffrey City School is our district's single rural school.  It currently has one teacher and two students, and is located in the tiny town of Jeffrey City, on the state highway about 60 miles away from Lander.

Back in the 1970s and early 1980s, this school had several hundred students in several classroom wings.  In the early 1980s, uranium mining in the region stopped and the Jeffrey City town population crashed.  The school shrank with the population, then the school district was merged into our Fremont #1 district in the 1990s.

After thirty years, the current Jeffrey City population is about 1% of its heyday total.  Today, the current school only uses a very small portion of the original school's full size, and most of the original school is abandoned.

The Wyoming ETS state agency has upgraded our connectivity from a single T-1 circuit running at 1.5 megabit to an 8 megabit connection.  While we were changing over circuits, ETS lost connection to their router.  We had to go out and connect directly to the router to help troubleshoot the loss of connection.

Charlie made two trips to Jeffrey City School, and I (Chris) made the third trip.  When I went, there was no school in session that day, so the building was deserted and very quiet.  I learned never to take school keys out of my pocket, when I accidentally locked myself first in the boiler room, and then in the abandoned section of the school.  Exterior doors in the abandoned section are bolted shut to keep trespassers and vagrants out.  It took a good twenty minutes to escape this section and get back into the school.

I took a few pictures of this tech adventure!


Found this in an old office in the abandoned section of the building.  Note the date on the printout.  Another room farther down the wing has old Apple dot-matrix printouts on the wall from the 1980s.


The window I climbed out of to escape the abandoned section of the building.


The connectivity equipment is placed in the boiler room.  This was only place to place a computer
to directly connect to the router for troubleshooting.


I brought my lunch and some reading material with me while I waited for ETS to troubleshoot.
It took us a few hours of troubleshooting before the issue was identified.


No connectivity so far …


Inside the Jeffrey City School gym, with classrooms in front of me.
The only sounds were the wind outside and the heater kicking on and off.
Leaving the school mid-afternoon


Looking out over the Beaver Rim lookout on the drive back.
We are appreciative of the efforts of Benjamin at ETS and Jason at ACT for helping get our school going with better connectivity!