Account closing

This year, we will be closing Google Apps and network accounts one week after your last work day, which would be either one week after your last contracted day or one week after your summer school work ends.  Accounts to other applications (Infinite Campus, etc) will be closed as well at that time.  Exceptions to this will only be allowed with the approval of the superintendent.


Documents in Drive and "My Documents"

Please don't delete documents, work, from your documents folder that have use to the school or the district. This includes both your "My Documents" and Google Drive storage areas.  If you remove material, we will be able to recover them from backups and repopulate the folders.  If you have obvious personal material that is not school-related, you may delete that.

For those in office positions, we will coordinate with you and your successor regarding access to this material.


Mobile devices, chargers, etc

This year, all departing staff will need to complete a Central Admin checkout form. Forms will be available to principals and offices in the next week. One part of the form deals with returning mobile technology. All mobile tech needs to be delivered to the Central Administration, not left on your desk or left with office staff or principal. If this is not done, we cannot compete our section of the checkout form.

Chromebooks: There is no special preparation for a school-issued Chromebook. Please be sure to also bring chargers and cables or we will note that these are missing on the form.

IPad: If you have used your personal Apple ID on a school IPad, we will need you to wait while we wipe the device so that you can remove it from your personal account. If this is not done, you then "own" the device and we cannot reuse it, and we will indicate so on the form and the District will discuss options for reimbursement for the equipment. Please also bring all chargers and cables, or we will note that these are missing on the form.