Hello! Just a lot of updates for the next two weeks! Please take a moment to read through so you know what’s going on with the phone system work.

Weekend work
At Baldwin Creek, we will be replacing battery backup units on Monday. All networking and servers will be shut down for at least an hour (probably in the morning) to do this. Also on Monday, you may also see intermittent downtime with Outlook Web Access (checking mail from home or mobile device) as we’re trying to track down an odd issue with the server running OWA. This won’t affect anyone working onsite as you connect through regular Outlook.

New phone system work starting next week
Qwest engineers will be onsite starting Tuesday the 5th for initial installation of the new ShoreTel system. We are NOT switching over phone lines next week – we are just installing the appliances at each site and doing other prep work. You may see us placing phones in your building. For people working during the summer, we will install the ShoreTel next to the Cisco phone, but for non-summer areas we will just remove the old phones and leave the new unit.

New phone system cutover date
The established date for the cutover is now Wednesday the 3rd of August. This moves the cutover back a ways further than we originally planned. On the positive side, it gives us plenty of time to preconfigure all aspects of the new system, so cutover should be little more than switching our phone trunk from the old Cisco box to the new Shoretel box, and the new phones will start ringing. Qwest will be onsite for Wednesday and Thursday during the cutover and will help with any issues or misconfigurations that may arise.

New phone system training date
Not everyone may be able or want to participate, but we are setting up a training session for the ShoreTel phone system. This would most likely be Thursday the 4th, after the cutover. Topics will focus on “power phone users” and will cover the feature set on the new phones, how to use your computer to work your phone, and other topics. Also, we are preparing some help material for the new phones, and we’re hoping that after next week we can start using the phones internally to get up-to-speed on their feature set and capabilities, even before the training date.

New staff network / email accounts
We have most new staff with network accounts and email addresses in the Global Address Book, but a few are still left to do. If you want to send an all-building welcome email, maybe hold off until around the 11th to make sure everyone gets it. If you get any last-minute staff arrivals, please let us know so we can get them in ASAP!

Changing school names
During July, we will be changing school names in our many applications (district calendar, Edmodo, Renaissance Place, etc etc). For now, if you see your school’s old name in an application you use, just keep working normally and it will be changed.

This is the time when things get busier and more frantic! We’ll follow up in two weeks with another update regarding the phones, as well as a few other things like the new website, phone extension lists, new print servers to connect to, etc.

As always, we do appreciate your patience and support! Happy Fourth!