Our summer technology order has been received by Dell.  We have around 350 new computers heading our way, and the number breaks down as:

  • North: 143 total new computers – 108 for student classroom machines and the computer labs, 10 staff desktops, and 25 staff mobile computers.
  • Jeffrey City: 6 total new computers – 5 for student desktops and 1 teacher mobile
  • Lander Valley HS: Replacing the computer labs in W201 and W202, 50 computers total. 
  • Pathfinder HS: Replacing all staff mobiles and existing Dell 760 desktops, 29 computers total.  All these machines will go to the new Lander Middle School to augment numbers for the increased staff and student computer needs.
  • Lander MS: 120 netbooks for the new Lander Middle School.  They will be divided into four carts of 30 machines each. 

Lander Valley HS are getting both Business labs replaced.  These two labs have a different replacement schedule than the rest of LVHS, which was replaced last summer. The machines we’re getting will be identical to the rest of the building.

The new Lander Middle School will be getting Dell Latitude 2120 netbooks, specifically for the education market. They have a rubberized exterior, long-duration battery, integrated webcams, dual-core processors and 1366×768 resolution.  There will be four netbook charging carts, one for each group of 30 computers.  The carts are specifically designed for this model and allow for slide-in charging.  They will have a three-year onsite warranty with accidental damage coverage too.

In addition, since we need additional desktops and mobiles for LMS, we are replacing Pathfinder computers out-of-rotation.  Since Pathfinder and Starrett JH were purchased at the same time, they are the same machines, so when we replace Pathfinder we will move their Optiplex 760 desktops and E6400 notebooks to the new MS to supplement their numbers.  This is a win-win for Pathfinder and the Lander Middle School!  We won’t replace Pathfinder SpEd machines or the student netbooks.

At North and JCity, since it’s their turn on the rotation wheel, we are doing a full replacement of student and staff computers.  The only older machines that will stay at North will be the Library lab (the Intermediate lab), but both other labs will be replaced.  Each teacher gets the full mobile setup – notebook computer, full-service docking station, extra power adapter, and carry bag.  Staff notebooks will have a four-year onsite warranty with accidental damage coverage.

Something new for our student classroom and computer lab desktops, we will not be purchasing or installing DVD drives anymore.  With more and more software being delivered electronically, either from the network or from Internet-based subscriptions, we rarely (if ever) use the DVD drives.

We’re hoping to get these machines by the end of June or early July.