We spent a few days in Mesa Verde National Park, in southwest Colorado, for our mini-vacation.  Access to mobile communications (phone and mobile Internet) was pretty much nonexistent.  The only public Internet access within 15 miles was at the campground store, and it was crowded and slow when I tried it.  Sometimes in different places in the park (like on mesa tops and on trails), my phone would pull down email from a distant cell tower.

Returning to “civilization” , it was amazing to get a fast connection at a hotel over the weekend.  Today I’m not at work, but am working down in the UW Coe Library, and they have blazing fast Internet speeds here too.

Sometimes it takes being away to appreciate what we have!  We have a 20 megabit connection from the District to the Internet.  I think at the campground I had about 20 kilobit.

If you’re interested, here are some shots from the trip:


Scenic Highway 128 from Moab, UT to Grand Junction, CO


IMG_5458 1920x1200 
Cliff Palace from the overlook at the Sun Temple site


IMG_5431 1920x1200
Sun Temple


IMG_4567 1920x1200
More Cliff Palace


IMG_5618 1920x1200
Met this little fellow by the road outside the ghost town of Cisco, UT


Met this little fellow on the Wetherill Mesa road.  We were the third
tourist car on the road that morning, surprising he didn’t get run over.



IMG_4721 corrected
The ladder climb to get into Balcony House