MyLearningPlan is a web-based application that provices fast and easy planning, tracking, and evaluation of all forms of professional learning in one comprehensive online system.


Access to MyLearningPlan

Link to MyLearningPlan:

A link to MyLearningPlan can also be found on the Staff Links Index page on the District Website.

Questions about MyLearningPlan usage (accounts, content, etc) may be directed to Ken Nielsen in the Curriculum Office.


Professional Development Choices and Approval

Almost all PD activities will be listed in the catalog even if they take place outside the district.  We use the catalog to keep the attendance and evaluation results for the single report even if the participants are from all the schools in the district.  If you have been asked to attend a training and it’s not on the catalog, please contact Central Administration with the information.

Enrolling or Requesting Approval: Click on District Catalog on the left. Set the date range to find upcoming or past PD activities. You can find out more information about the class by clicking on the title. If you don’t need approval (no cost to the district or not during contract time), you will be able to click on a button that says "Enroll Now" to be automatically put on the group roster. For classes that require approval, you will fill out an approval form that will appear for you. After you submit it, it will follow an electronic approval process, first going to your principal and then to the superintendent. You can track its progress on the main Learning Plan page.
Out-of-district Opportunities: It is important that you speak to your supervisor or principal about taking advantage of outside PD opportunities to make sure there are funds available. If there is more than one person attending, activities must be given to the Federal Programs Office to be put on the catalog. Email the information and website. The only time you would use the PD Request Form (link on the left navigation bar) would be if you are the only person attending from the district and it’s a specialized training. As with all forms, fill out every field as the system will continue to prompt you if there is any missing information. The approval process is the same as for in-district.
Once prior approval has been granted, the request will move to your "Approved" and In Progress section of your "My Requests" box. At that point, please work with your school secretary to complete substitute requests and other school-based travel paperwork.


Completing a Class or Conference

When you’ve completed a conference or class, you must complete and submit the electronic forms for evaluation and final approval. Click on the activity title from your "My Requests" box on your main page (click Learning Plan on the top bar to get there from another screen). Use the "Mark Complete" action to submit the conference for final approval. You will need to complete the evaluation form that will appear as part of final approval for MOST activities. Your activity will then move to the "Awaiting Final Approval" section of the "My Current Activities" box.

You may print out a hard copy of your form to attach to certificates of participation or vouchers for reimbursement. Give any transcript or verification certificates along with any travel receipts to your school secretary. If you were funded through Federal Programs, they will be forwarded to Federal Programs office as well.

Reimbursement receipts must come with a completed, signed voucher. School vouchers for hotels/meals and credit card receipts must be labeled and easily identifiable as to who made the charge and for what activity or event. Only itemized receipts with the credit card slips will be reimbursed.


Other Features
  • Graduate Course Form: In order to record graduate classes you take as approved for salary advancement, for certified staff, you must have the course approved with either a paper form located in the Form Library or fill out the Graduate Class form.
  • Impact Form: For staff attending national conferences, this form will be used to evaluate the impact of the training as is required by Federal funding rules.
  • PLC / Collaborative Team Form: This form will help facilitate a new activity in our Title IIA grant, supporting collaborative team work outside of the Wednesday early out time. For details, contact the Federal Programs office.