Communications at Fremont #1

The District uses a variety of communications means.


Social Media: Facebook and Twitter

Learn more about our social media feeds here:

We can be found at  Feel free to tag "LanderSchools" in photos and content, and we'll share with our followers!

We have a LOT of staff and departments tweeting!  We also retweet appropriate photos and congratulations from students, parents, and visitors.  The best user to follow is @LanderSchools.  This account retweets all school- and activity-related accounts, so by following @LanderSchools you won't miss any of the awesome things happening anywhere in Fremont #1!

If you want to share photos and tweets with us, use either the #LanderSchools hashtag or the #TigerWyo hashtag. 



Each school produces a newsletter that is emailed to all parents and guardians.  Some schools also make printed copies available.

You can find newsletters on the websites for each school.  Visit the school from the Schools menu tab, then look in the Recent Articles list for the month's newsletter.