The Fremont #1 Curriculum Office manages assessments, student data, consolidated grant information, and other related needs for the district.

  • Ken Nielsen, ext 2121,
  • Kirsten Brown, ext 2122,


District Data


District Assessments

What are the assessments used by Fremont #1?


Curriculum warehouse
  • For staff, curriculum maps and assessment development schedules:
    Click here (link for staff only)


What am I expected to do in the classroom relative to assessments?
  • Administer all the building and district assessments to your students.
  • Communicate the value of those assessments to the students – be positive
  • Acquire and study the results of assessments for your students
  • Use the results of the assessments in your classroom – grouping, differentiated instruction, goal setting, etc.
  • Align each assessment you create in your classroom to specific standards and benchmarks.
  • Track how students are performing relative to each standard


Where do I keep my grades?

Infinite Campus is the location for ALL grading, student demographics, attendance, etc.

Teachers will maintain all records (grades, attendance, etc) in Campus in a timely manner so that parents will have current information on student performance.