What is it?: DIBELS is a district chosen assessment.  DIBELS is designed to be a short (one minute) reading assessment used to regularly monitor the development of reading skills and early literacy.  DIBELS uses a research based Benchmark Goal to represent a level of performance that all students should reach to be considered on track for becoming a successful reader. The indicator of Benchmark Goals and use of cutoff scores help teachers and support staff decide if additional instructional support should be provided to individual students to ensure their overall reading success. 

Who is tested?:  Currently our district uses this assessment tool with all students in kindergarten through third grade.  Each student is assessed three times a year.    

How is it used?:  Students that indicate the need for additional reading support also participate in Progress Monitoring throughout the year to monitor their progress toward the reading goal.  With strategic planning from assessments and the patterns of performance, our teachers are able to plan support for students at their individual needs.