Homeschooling Information

The Wyoming Education Code requires attendance of every child who is a resident of this State, and whose seventh birthday falls on or before September 15 of any year, and who has not yet attained a sixteenth birthday or completed the TENTH grade with certain exceptions including home-based education programs.  Pursuant to W.S. 21-4-101 home-based education curriculum is to be submitted to the school district on an annual basis for students falling under the compulsory attendance law

Parents who plan to teach their children at home are reminded that Wyoming statutes covering home-schools require that a curriculum which is sequential and progressively organized for reading, writing, mathematics, civics, history, science, and literature.  This curriculum must be submitted to the school superintendent.

Click here to access our current Homeschool Form  (Adobe PDF format).

Home-school registration forms are also available upon request from the Office of the Superindentent, at 863 Sweetwater in Lander.


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