Dear Fremont County School District #1 Stakeholders,

As I reflect back over the first semester of the school year, I can think of many positives that have occurred. The District transitioned through reconfiguration incredibly smoothly and the new grade-level structures seem to be benefitting our students. As Lander Middle School has come on-line, its specific design to accommodate the middle-level learner is being explored and used to benefit instruction; I look forward to teachers and staff maximizing its capabilities fully in the future. I have been in many classrooms around the District, and I see wonderful instruction occurring and students engaged in meaningful learning experiences. I have had interactions with many students, and I have found them to be polite, respectful, and fun to be around. I could go on and on, but the point I’m making is that things are going well in Fremont County School District #1.
As we look forward to this semester, I know that great things will continue in our schools. We also enter “testing season” with PAWS, ACT, and other required testing occurring in the next few months. In the next few weeks, secondary students will be signing up for courses for next year, and we will use that data to determine preliminary staffing needs for next year in the secondary schools, and we will also be determining the elementary staffing needs. The legislative session will also begin in February, and it looks as if the legislature is not planning on providing additional funds for school districts. This becomes problematic because, if indeed they do not provide any increase in funding, it will be the third consecutive year that school districts have not received any increase. There is also at least one bill being proposed that will have significant impact on school districts in the areas of accountability and evaluation. I would ask you to monitor what is happening in Cheyenne during the legislative session and let your legislators know if you have any suggestions or concerns about the legislation on which they will be working in the area of education. What the legislature does will directly impact our budget, including our staffing for next year.
As I have been in Lander for a half-year now, I am so pleased to be living in such a wonderful, caring community. I want our school district to reflect the quality that our community deserves and will work toward that end. I am privileged to work with such great administrators, teachers, and staff who serve our amazing, talented, and capable students to prepare them for the future.
If you ever wish to contact me, feel free to call me at 332-4711 or e-mail me at
Mike Bowman
Superintendent of Schools