With a staff of 12 (including the Food Service Director) Fremont County School District #1 successfully served approximately 127,974 lunches and 33,417 breakfasts for School Year 2015-2016.  We currently serve a population of 37% Free & Reduced students from four serving sites across six schools.

List of recent Food Service postings and news:



Current Prices (2015-2016) Student Price Adult Price
Elementary – Breakfast $1.40 $2.75
Elementary – Lunch $2.40 $4.00
LMS / LVHS – Breakfast $1.40 $2.75
LMS / PHS / LVHS – Lunch $2.65 $4.00
Milk $0.35 cents $0.35 cents


Reduced Meal Prices (2015-2016) Student Price
Breakfast $0.30
Lunch $0.40


These prices are updated when Board action reflects a change.


Free and Reduced Application

Our Free and Reduced FAQ page will answer some basic questions about how the National School Breakfast and Lunch Program works.  

You can obtain a copy of the Free and Reduced Application here (PDF format).  Be sure to right-click the link and save the PDF to your computer.  You can also complete the application as part of the online registration process.

For additional questions, please contact your school's office or contact the Food Service office at (307) 335-0411


Nondiscrimination Statement

Our nondiscrimination statemen is available on this link.