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This week, the Fremont #1 school district hosted an External Review Team from the AdvancED organization.

AdvancED is a global leader in providing continuous improvement and accreditation services to 32000 institutions serving 20 million students worldwide.  Accreditation is an international protocol for institutions committed to systemic, systematic, and sustainable improvements to build capacity in the district and its schools to increase and sustain student learning, and also to stimulate and increase effectiveness and efficiency throughout the system.

The AdvancED evaluation team was comprised of:

  • Agnes Smith: AdvancED Lead Evaluator
  • Sheryl Wilson: Sweetwater #2 Director of Curriculum and AdvancED Associate Lead Evaluator
  • Pier Trudelle, Teton #1 special projects director, principal of two schools
  • Jason Moss: Principal from Crook #1 (Moorcroft)
  • Nancy Fitzpatrick: Retired educator
  • Robin Gilbert: Middleton (Idaho) curriculum director
  • Rob Black: Educational consultant representing the Wyoming Department of Education

While in Lander, the team interviewed 345 stakeholders: 21 parents, 40 support staff, 187 students, 74 instructional staff, 15 building and district administrators, 7 Board members, and our Superintendent.

The team reviewed many different aspects of our district, including student performance results, instructional quality, learner and family engagement, support systems, curriculum quality, and college/career readiness data.

Their findings were presented in three groups:


Powerful Practices

  • Current system leadership is committed to a caring culture focused on student success
  • We maintain attractive, safe, and well-equipped facilities for all students and staff
  • We provide technology infrastructure and equipment to enhance (not just meet the needs of) the operational and instructional needs of staff and students


Opportunities for Improvement

  • Engage instructional staff members in systematic mentoring and induction programs focused on conditions that support learning consistent with the system’s strategic plan


Improvement Priority

  • Develop and implement a systematic process to analyze data to inform instruction.
  • Design communication processes for effective two-way collaboration among system stakeholders.
  • Define and consistently implement grading and reporting policies based on clearly defined standards-based learning criteria across all grade levels and all courses.


To reach these findings, the team scored the district in seven scoring domains.  They reported that Fremont #1 exceeded Advanc-Ed Network (AEN) averages in five out of seven scoring domains.  Our scores were:


The team was impressed with our preparation, presentations, and sharing from all stakeholders that were interviewed.  The feedback and sharing was informative and gave a candid picture to the team about what is going on in the District.  In particular, the District administration presentation on Monday was very strong and helpful.

In conclusion, the District was given IEQ (Index of Education Quality) scores for three overall domains.  IEQ scores can range from a low of 100 to a maximum of 400, but typically scores in the mid-200 range are average.  The scores for the Fremont #1 school district were:



With these scores, the External Review Team recommends to the AdvancED Accreditation Commission that our district earns the distinction of accreditation by AdvancED.

The team was very appreciative of the hospitality, support, and professionalism shown to them by District staff, students, and parents.

If you want to see the full Accreditation presentation that the Review Team presented, you can find it here:







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