We are improving! In September, 2015, the Wyoming Department of Education released its important accountability report and we received “Exceeding Expectations” overall, with a score of “Exceeding Targets” in “Growth” and “Achievement Rate”. We are “Meeting Targets” in “Equity.” These new ratings are an improvement from 2014, when we received “Meeting Expectations” in all categories.

We have two goals in our school improvement plan. For our students to be successful, they need to be prepared academically for the next level, and they also need to be good community members and to feel safe and comfortable at school.

  • Students will be proficient or advanced in reading and math upon leaving Gannett Peak Elementary School.

    • As measured by PAWS 2016, 10% more third grade students will be proficient in mathematics and reading than in 2015.
  • Improve student behavior to increase safety, orderliness, and sense of belonging.

    • As measured by Advanc-Ed and/or local surveys, more than 85% of students will report feelings of safety at school and fewer than 15% will report being bullied or harassed.


Gannett Peak teachers utilize a variety of formative and summative assessments to track student growth and performance. These include: PAWS, NWEA MAP, a district writing assessment, DIBELS, Journeys (Reading), Go Math, STAR Reading and Accelerated Reader, and teacher made instruments. Every week, teams meet to discuss students and data. Those in need of additional help enter the RTI and BIT process quickly.

Many research-proven interventions are in place at Gannett Peak. They include Title I and SPED services, Lights On! (after school program), Speech and Language support, flexible reading groups (organized by reading level) from grade level teaching teams, summer school, and extended school year. We also have a social worker and a school counselor who oversee the implementation of PBIS and meet with students individually and in small groups as needed.

Parent/teacher conferences are held at the end of the first and third quarters, and report cards go home four times a year. Parents also have regular access to student progress though our Infinite Campus Parent Portal and through individual contact with teachers.

Parents are involved in many facets of our school. Our parent group (Parents Interested in Education) helps with student activities and support. The group meets monthly and all parents are encouraged to participate. A Gannett Peak Elementary newsletter goes home every month. Individual teachers may have a classroom newsletter and are encouraged to be proactive in contacting parents. Some teachers do home visits. Many parents are active volunteers in our classrooms. Teachers also invite parents to a variety of classroom celebrations.