August 9, 2010

Dear Gannett Peak Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to Gannett Peak Elementary! The staff is very excited to kick off the school year. We’ve been working very hard to ensure that the first day of school will be an awesome experience for you and your students.  We are proud of our Gannett Peak learning community and feel our building creates a tremendous and unique opportunity for all. Our building is a product of years of state and community planning that is rewarded by the presence of our eager students, staff and community members. This year is on track to be outstanding for Lander elementary students.

Before we kick off the new school year, I think it’s important to celebrate our successes from last year. During a stressful transition process, we packed up our buildings successfully while our students tested. Last year’s MAP and PAWS assessment results were outstanding, showing great yearly growth in math and reading. This was a team effort to be celebrated among our whole learning community. We will continue to strive for academic success at Gannett Peak, and we have an amazing staff that will lead the charge. We will support and nurture your students while setting high academic standards and rigor that will give your students opportunities to reach new achievement levels. We are also very excited to continue our flexible grouping this year. All work has been done as far as scheduling, teaming and curriculum.

As always, it’s a high priority is to keep Gannett Peak Elementary as safe as possible. We believe we can do that by having common expectations in place. It is the goal of the Gannett Peak team to keep the classrooms, hallways, drop-off/pick-up areas, and the building as a whole as safe as possible before, during, and after school. Three years ago the district adopted a new program to ensure a common set of behavioral expectations throughout the district. The program is called Positive Behavior Initiatives and Supports (PBIS). This provides a common language for the district and has increased the safety and consistency of student behavior. It is very important to us that students feel safe when arriving at Gannett Peak. I truly believe these expectations will ensure we maintain a caring community where we all continue to learn and feel safe. We are enhancing our overall building safety expectations by asking the following:

All visitors will be asked to check-in at the security window in the front doors.
No visitors/parents on the playground prior to 3:00. The three tone bell will signal parents and guardians to enter school grounds.
Please no dogs on school grounds during the school day or during pick-up.

These expectations are to help our staff keep your students safe. With such a large building, it’s very difficult to keep tabs on all people on our campus. Anything we can do big or small to help us in this process is important. I’ve attached a copy of our building safety model that we practice with our students throughout the school year.

I would like to invite parents to volunteer in the classroom.  Please visit with your student’s teacher to explore volunteer opportunities. I would also like to have parents volunteer in the lunchroom and on crosswalks. Your involvement will only enhance our success.

Thank you! I can’t wait to begin this year’s journey and be a part of your child’s success at Gannett Peak Elementary. We will see our 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade parents September 1st 4:30-6:00 for our open house. With an amazing staff, wonderful students, and valued parents, the sky’s the limit for the 2015-2016 school year.


Kindergarten parents and students!

Please come see us on August 17th   4:30-6:00 for our Gannett Peak Open House. Please take this opportunity to get your child familiar with their teacher, classroom and respective playground. We will ask that on the first day of school and thereafter you not accompany your student(s) in to the building. You can say your goodbyes at the line-up lines. We do this to start our Cougars right away with our procedures and expectations. For those kindergarten parents/guardians this will be hardest on you. We would like for you to join us for coffee and juice under the kindergarten overhang on the first day of school after they start their journey.



Jade Morton, Principal


GPeak_Pick-up-procedures_2015  (PDF)





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