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The Lander Middle School students competed at the Central Wyoming Science Fair on Monday, January 28th. The top three projects in each category qualified for the state contest that will be held at the University of Wyoming on March 3-5th.

Here is a list of projects that qualified for the state contest:


Plant Sciences:

First: Top It Off: Allison Brown

Second: Ready, Set, Grow: Tim Nelson

Third: Celery Blood Invasion: Ryann Koivupalo & Raylee Nipper

HM: Leafy Colors: Aspen West


Environmental Management

First: Plant It: Hope for Soap: Sadie Thatch

Second: Rotting Squash: Gabriella Maestas



First: Talk to the Germ: Mason Cronk




Engineering: Electrical and Mechanical

First: Solar Cooker: Noelle Harris

Third: You Really Can’t Beat the Coppertop: Caleb Baker & Caleb Langten



First: Got Energy: Ashley Haratyk

Second: Juice vs Juice: Autumn Hnilicka

Third: Ade or Aide: Kiley McConnell & Mason Jacobson


Animal Science:

First: Bug Juice: Groven Ragsdale

Second: Animal Skins for Insulation: Kayden Heil


Energy & Transportation

First: Fan Blades of Glory: Sydney Polson

HM: Just Blow With It: Conrad Swenson


Medicine  &  Health

First: Swimming Effects on the Heart: Jalynne Brough

Second: Wormzzz: McKenzie Mann-Wood, Elise Haase, & Becky Cecrle

HM: Heart Rate Effect on Shooting Accuracy: Dylan Clifford




First: Which Conditioner? McKenzie Lilygren

Second: Dissolving Paper: Kyler Lesher

Third: Breakfast Bunch: Todd Sutton



Earth & Planetary Sciences

First: Gripping Glaciers: Nicholas Nerli

Second: Make an Impact: Paige Sanders

Third: Asteroid Drop; Shaylynn Chand


Environmental Sciences

First: Helping Birds in Oil Spills: Jackson Weller

Second: Up in Flames: Jenny Nielsen   

Third: Water Quality Tested in Stream: Caleb Huelskamp


Physics & Astronomy

First: Ballistic Statistics: Silas Goetz

Second: Tremendous Trajectory: Zac Nerli


Behavioral Science

First: Trick and Treat: Using Literature to Prime Preschoolers for Self-Control Fiachra Rottinghaus

Second: Math, Math Revolution: Andrea Stigers & Emilee Robins 

Third: Scents-n-Ability: Abby Hamilton & Lauren Fontaine

Honorable Mention: Head to Head: Emma Wilkinson



Engineering: Materials & Bio-Engineering

First: Compaction Reaction: Bridger Kimber

Second: Dehydrated Duds: Dylan DeBolt

Third: Spencer Smithbaker: The Great Bat Debate

Honorable Mention: Which Would You Trust? James Whiting



First: The Statistics Game: Noah Gans

Second: Chess: Josh Anderle