LVHS-studentsI cannot tell you how proud I am of our very supportive and fun student body.  Not only have they adapted quickly to a new schedule and have excelled in their academic endeavors during their Student Responsibility Block, but they also continue to represent our school and community with pride at our sporting events.  Friday was our first home football game and I do not believe that I have ever witnessed that many loyal fans in our student section.  Prior to this job, I was an athletic director for 7 years and I had always hoped for a crowd who would stand and cheer for their friends and classmates through victory and defeat.  This group of students takes it to the next level and proves that Tiger pride is not just a slogan at Lander Valley High School, its a way of life!   

This week due to Labor Day we will be running  our Monday schedule on Friday.  This not only allows all of our students to attend two full class periods in every class, but also allows them to go to their Student Responsibility Block on Friday at 2-3:30.  Last week nearly 200 students were referred for Academic Intervention, which allowed them a chance to make up for days or assignments that they may have missed.  I am proud of both our staff and students for the extra work that they put forward to ensure that they were caught up and had the skills needed to continue on in their particular classes.   
We will also have our first Celebrations of the year at 2pm on Wednesday (9/9/15) afternoon to recognize all of the outstanding achievements of our students.  Celebrations is a great time to come and hear all of the amazing things our students are involved in and is generally the second Wednesday of the month at 2pm in the auditorium.   We encourage parents to attend.  

Brad Neuendorf, LVHS principal







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