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Hello Tiger Families, 

Congratulations to the Tiger Dance Team who won their 7th Consecutive State Dance Championship last Wednesday at the Casper Event Center. The girls brought home the championship in both jazz and hip hop.  Congratulations ladies your hard work and dedication paid off once again!

Congratulations to the boys basketball team who finished their season this past weekend at the state tournament in Casper.  Although the Tigers were not able to bring home hardware they did return to state and were able to win a game to be able to play on Saturday.   

Congratulations to our Junior National Nordic Ski qualifiers who had a great week at Soldier Hollow.  Although this is not an official school event, the close link to our own great season and the extra effort put in by those in attendance should definitely be celebrated!

The Speech and Debate team put in overtime this past weekend by not only competing at their state competition but also by hosting it.  All of the hard work paid off with Ashley Haratyk finishing as state champion in Extemporaneous Speaking, Allison Brown 3rd place in Congressional Debate and Ashley and Allison teaming up to take 2nd in Public Forum 

Don't forget Parent Teacher Conferences and this year they are student led.  Conferences are tonight (4-7) and Wednesday night (3:30-7) bring yourself and we highly encourage you to bring your students so they can speak specifically to you about their strengths and areas of need.  

Yesterday nearly 100 students and 25 staff and community members were able to take part in our annual Challenge Day.  This unique event allows our students to break down barriers amongst each other and to hopefully have a better understanding for other people.  We are fortunate to have such a high quality program and hope that your student has had the opportunity to take part.  

Course registration will begin today with counselors working with all classes.  Please start having conversations with your students about the classes they are wanting to take and let the counseling department know if you have any questions.  

As many of you may be aware, on March 14 there is a  National Walkout planned in the aftermath of the school shooting in Florida.  In order to pay respect and honor the victims of that shooting I have been approached by some students at LVHS who would like to participate.  They have asked to be allowed to walkout at 10AM on March 14 for 17 minutes, symbolic of the 17 students killed.  LVHS will honor their desire to do this as long as they assemble peacefully in the area and time designated and remain in compliance with the student handbook then their will be no penalty for students choosing to participate.  We will have an area secured for that purpose and in order to ensure the safety of our students that area will be closed to the community and parents. Students choosing to remain in class will be instructed by their teacher for that time. Students choosing to leave class will be allowed to make up the work missed during the allotted 17 minutes. Students who choose to leave campus will be be handled as a truancy. I understand that nationally this walkout day has been focused on a political movement to create change, our students have focused their intent on remembering and respecting those who suffered in the Florida tragedy. School is not the time nor the place to have a political movement and with such we hope that you all will honor our students rights to peacefully remember the Florida tragedy. We will be meeting with students in the near future to discuss what they believe we can do to continue to make our schools as safe as possible.  If your student is interested in that discussion please have them contact me.   Please let me know if you have any concerns or questions regarding this issue.


Brad Neuendorf, LVHS Principal