Hello Tiger Family, 

Well the first day is upon us and we are in full motion for an excellent 2017-18 school year.  I want to thank each one of you for all the work you put into getting your students ready for school.  I know August can be extremely stressful as you manage the time, tasks, and money that it takes to get your students back in the classroom.  Please know that the LVHS staff is fully committed to taking care of them during the day and will do whatever we can to ensure that Every Student has their needs met Every Day!

We sent home in the mail last week a letter explaining our Standards Based Grading process and the changes that are a result of that process.  Please make sure you read that letter and I highly encourage you to watch the link that is included in the letter or more conveniently right here, let me know if you have any further questions or concerns. If you did not receive the letter in the mail, please contact our front office for a copy.  I realize that change is difficult and it will be a a big change for all of us, however I do believe it is truly in the best interests of all students and I can't wait to see our students reach a new level of excellence.  Please note that included in the letter was the idea that temporarily while our programmers at ICampus make the final changes and adjustments in the gradebook, you will not be able to view your high school students gradebook.  I will notify you the moment that is activated and I appreciate your patience as we make this transition.   

Last week as teachers met and prepared for the upcoming school year we took a very close look at our data.  We are really proud of a couple data points that include a 16% increase in the last couple years of our freshmen who are on track for graduation as well as a 6% increase in last years graduation rate. We also had more students than ever take Advanced Placement tests and had the highest percentage in four years pass those tests with a 3 or better.  This year will will add three more classes to our current list of AP offerings as we continue to push our advanced students.  We are also proud to boast that after a review of over 22,000 high schools in the country, LVHS was named one of America's Best High Schools by the US New and World Report.  We are proud of these points but realize that we also have many areas that we need to grow in and we look forward to doing that this year to ensure educational excellence for all!

As always, if I can do anything to be of assistance to you or your student as we work together to ensure their success, please don't hesitate to call or email me.   

I hope you all have a great week and enjoy getting back into the routine!


Brad Neuendorf, LVHS Principal