Hello Tiger Family,

I want to first welcome all the freshmen parents and any new parents to LVHS.  I try to send out at least weekly updates via this forum which usually includes a link to my website where I keep a weekly blog.  I apologize for this being the first one that reaches at least the freshmen parents as I was having a hard time getting our email listserve updated and ready to go but now it appears I am ready! Here is the link to this week's  Weekly Post

Next Tuesday (8/29/17) we will welcome all parents to our Open House, we will be open from 6-7:30 and you can come for the whole time or just the time you need to visit with the teachers you would like.  As you arrive you will receive a copy of your students schedule and a map of the building and you can visit with as many of your students' teachers as you desire in the time you have.  I will also be available to answer any questions pertaining to the change to Standards Based Grading.   

I also wanted to invite everyone to our first Parent Meeting (PIE) of the year on Tuesday, September 5th at 12pm in the LVHS Popo Agie.  We host our PIE meeting on the first Tuesday of the month, and we rotate our time from noon to 6pm, thus October's meeting will be at 6pm in the Popo Agie Room.  We try to keep our PIE meetings informational and a way to solicit feedback and input to improve our services. We do not fundraise, rather we simply have conversations about what we are doing and where we are going.  The agenda usually follows this format: 

1) Student Council Report 
2) Department Report 
3) Principal Report 
4) Input or Questions from Parents 
5) Items you would like me to address next meeting


Central Office will also be hosting a District-Wide PIE meeting on Monday, September 18 at 6pm at the Central Office.  This will give you the opportunity to both hear about District-Wide information as well as specific school information as all of the schools will be represented in breakouts during this evening.  

I highly encourage you to come to these meetings and to engage with us in the educational process of your student so that we can continually improve the services we are able to provide so we can meet our mission of Every Student, Every Day!

Please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.  I look forward to an excellent year with an incredible group of young men and women!

Have a great day everyone, 


Brad Neuendorf, LVHS Principal