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Hello Tiger Family, 

I need to apologize as we have forgotten to send out the parent invite for academic letter award winners like we have done in previous years.  We will however be awarding all of our students who have maintained a minimum of a 3.5 GPA over the previous 2 semester while on a full academic schedule.  This is a big celebration for our students and something that you are all cordially invited for.  If you are wondering whether or not your student will be honored please call the office however you should be receiving an email later today if you are on the list.   

Thanks to all those parents, nearly 30 in total who attended the last PIE meeting to discuss our Standards Based Grading and what that looks like in ICampus as well as a look at the draft school improvement goals for this school year.  I am constantly impressed by the great questions and perspective that I receive at these meetings.  Our next one will be at noon on November 7th and the next District-wide PIE meeting will be on Monday, November 20th at 6pm at Central Office.  

At the meeting I stated that I would include the two goals that were proposed so you could take a closer look and provide any feedback. Here are those goals and I look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions but will need them by next Wednesday, October 18th so that they can be considered for final submission.   

GOAL #1 Refine Professional Learning Community process to ensure ALL students are learning at high levels.

  • Create a 3 year PLC Implementation plan that would include:
  • Solidify our School’s Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals
  • Ensure that all certified staff are part of a collaborative team
  • Ensure that all teams are truly collaborative and focused on four essential questions
  • Guarantee a viable curriculum in every curricular area
  • Develop common formative assessments in all curricular areas
  • All departments have system in place to review common formative assessment data and protocols to adjust instruction based on data review.  
  • Have a systematic process for intervention in place for all students not mastering GVC.
  • Continue to grow and refine our systems of enrichment for those students who have already mastered GVC.   


GOAL #2 Increase the percentage of grade 9 students earning 1/4 of the credits needed for graduation from 90% to 95% in the 2017-18 collection year.

  • Teacher Academic Referral System
  • Credit Recovery Model During SRB
  • Review of CTE Courses and possible expansion in Career areas
  • Create and implement an effective data process to ensure     that students needs are being met.
  • JumpStart for At-Risk incoming freshmen
  • Refine Summer school credit recovery process
  • Have a systematic process for intervention in place for all students not mastering GVC.
  • Seek ways to better utilize Title I Monies to ensure target population needs are being met.     


Brad Neuendorf, LVHS Principal